Private Property Unauthorized Parking Tow Service

At TowTruck Company, we offer many services to the communities in which we serve, one of them being legal private property impounds in Central Florida. Private Property is any real property owned by an individual and/or company. There has been a great need for this service, as the local law enforcement agencies cannot tow vehicles off of private property for parking violations.

In the past years, there have been several changes to the laws pertaining to Legalized Private Property Impounds. TowTruck Company can provide you with a copy of these laws as well as supply the necessary parking enforcement signs, posts, etc. that the state/county requires. We are happy to provide these signs at the entrance or entrances to your property FREE of charge. We have found that in many cases just by placing our signs on your property your parking problems stop.

Upon removal of a vehicle from your property all charges are at the vehicle owner’s expense. The vehicle owner is charged in accordance to the tow fee that is compatible with the hourly LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT rates.

If you are interested in our professional private party towing service, rest assured that TowTruck Company meets all city and county business license requirements. We also have a professional working relationship with several private security companies in the area.

If you have any questions about the Florida State Laws pertaining to this program or if you have any questions or would like to know more about how a private security company can benefit you we would be happy to come and do a presentation to you and your company at no charge so that you will be in compliance with all of the state laws not only to protect yourself but your tenants as well.

In short, here are the services we offer.

– 24 hour towing service.
– 3 trucks on the road on weekends.
– 2 trucks during the week.
– Pictures are taken for every violation at the time of tow.
– Video cameras on every truck front view and rear view.
– GPS monitoring on every truck.
– The towing office is open 24 hrs a day 363 days a year (Thanksgiving and Christmas we are closed.)
– Tow Truck Company will supply and replace signs as needed or at property owners request.
– 24 hour video cameras at the office.
– Towing reports can be reported to the respective offices.
– We can tow up to Class B vehicles (full size U-haul)
– We contract through a third party company for Simi-trucks when they are parked in violation.

For more information about our professional private party towing service, contact us today at (407) 999-4939.